These Persuasion Techniques Will Hook Your Readers 

If you aspire to become a writer – whether of novels or of compelling essays – you need to learn how to make your writing persuasive. Using a couple of persuasion techniques, you will easily be able to hook your readers and keep them turning the pages all the way to the end of your writing.

Here are a couple of persuasive essay writing technique that combine psychology and proven strategies and which are effective at hooking readers:

1. Prognosticate

A good starting point would be to provide readers with glimpses into the future. If you can master the art of convincingly presenting an extrapolation of what is happening currently into a future outcome, you will soon have a profoundly loyal readership.

Of course, this strategy builds on credibility. Unless you know what it is you are writing about, you will end up with bored readers. Once you learn how to back up every claim you make with your grasp of your subject matter or with your credentials, applying prognostication will work out well in your favor.

2. Storytelling

This technique has been applied time and time again to great success. Storytelling is actually the very heart and soul of persuasion. This is because stories allow readers to persuade themselves – which is what writing is all about.

No one ever convinced another person of anything. They simply helped them decide, and independently so, that they were right. Therefore, as you write, strive to tell better stories to come up with more persuasive works of art.

3. Go Tribal

Although we strive to become more sophisticated and evolved, we are very tribal and exclusionary by our very nature. When people are given an opportunity to be part of a larger group – particularly one they yearn to belong to – they will undoubtedly fall in line.

This is the technique used in the greatest sales letter ever written. Find out what group people want to be in, and offer them an invitation to join while seemingly excluding others.

4. Provide Reasons

Another persuasion technique that will hook your reader is the ability to provide reasons. Simply giving people a reason why will make them more willing to comply with your request – even in instances when such a reason doesn’t make any sense.

5. Deal with Objections

When presenting a case, you need to ensure that people are not left thinking about it. They should be utterly and loyally convinced that you are right. This is one of the reasons why marketers often use long copies to ensure readers have so much content to go through that they eventually buy whatever is being marketed.

By addressing potential objections, you will be able to improve your understanding of your subject. You will also end up coming up with counters to every argument they might raise.

6. Compare and Contrast

Last but not least, use analogies, similes, and metaphors. They are the true persuasion tools at a writer’s disposal. When relating scenarios, compare and contrast them to something your intended reader already believes and accepts as being true. The easier you adopt this strategy, the faster you will learn how persuasion works in the writing world.