Grab Your Right to be Educated

Education is very important in our life, but education comes with a cost. We pay for education that’s why it has become an obstacle for those who cannot afford it. But nowadays you can still get education even if you don’t have the means, there are always other options. The government’s role to provide for or support education has a strong influence to the country itself. Education is a major factor to develop a country. Education is a key to attaining civilization. A lot of people still have low educational background because their major concern lies in getting the means for food, talk about poverty indeed. The government should know that education is one of the most powerful medium for reducing poverty and it lays the basis for economic growth. The government should realize the importance of education and must do something about it. What is civilization, which is central concern to a country’s advancement without an education for a good number of its citizens who do not have the opportunity to get educated. We all know how valuable good education is for our security. From our educational background we get a job and earn, we can raise our social status and most of all, we can get a meaningful experience. Educational experience is very vital for growth. Going through the process of education for years is no joke. You invest altogether three important matters of time, effort and money! Social status is not only seen in your bank account but most highly on your educational background.

Investment in education does not only benefit the individual but the society as a whole. Good quality of education is broad-based. It is beneficial for personal cultivation and for strengthening a nation through the creation and application of knowledge for the common good. Civilization promotes peace and security, which is extremely important. Good educational understanding shows good moral characters. However, one should put in mind that education does not substitute hard work. Good education is not restricted to a good piece of book nor to the complete facilities of an institution. Good education is better off accompanied with hard work. One’s passion to succeed must not cease at an accomplished degree for it is never a destination. Education is a continuous process, same way to life. We are ought to learn from every point in time we realized we have placed education in our life and put it to action.