Entrance exam preparation tips

Prior to taking the exam, read up on MCAT preparation tips. Studying for the MCAT will probably seem to take over your life. Once you have completed studying, do not study the night before. This is one of the best preparation tips we can offer you. It may sound counterproductive, but it is not. You should have been studying all along up until then. The day and night before the exam is for you to take a deep breath and relax. After all, you don’t know the information yet; it would be impossible to learn it all in one evening or even one day.


Read on for more preparation tips, see text summary: general stats. Feel confidence in yourself for studying hard for months (providing that is what you did). Feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Do what you need to do to relax before the big day.


Another tip is to drive by the location prior to your actual test date. If you are not familiar with the area the test will be held, it can create undue anxiety and stress. Part of being prepared is to know where to go the day of the exam. Take a test drive out to the area where the MCAT exam will take place. To get an idea of the traffic, go at the same time of day as you would on an actual day. Allow yourself a decent amount of time to get there; better to be early than to be late. Make a note of how long it takes you to get there. If on your test run you get lost and detoured, time yourself on the way back instead. Check out the parking situation. Know what door you need to go in. Doing all of this may sound like a lot, but you can really cut down on your test anxiety by not having to worry about this aspect. Also, with less stress you will sleep better the night before; and if you sleep better, you will perform better.


So not it is the night before the test. Assuming you have done all you need to do to prepare, now is your time to unwind. Do something relaxing or fun. Go get a massage or go out with a friend for some dinner. Whatever you do, lay off the caffeine or alcohol. The last thing you need come test day is a lack of sleep or a bad headache. Do not stay out too late or you might not get enough quality shut-eye. Eight hours is a good time frame to shoot for. However, if you are the type to have trouble falling asleep, add on another hour for good measure.



Okay, so of course you know one of the MCAT preparation tips is to eat a good breakfast. We know you have heard it before, but it makes sense. Believe us; it is hard to think without a lot of energy. Also, you could be very distracted by your rumbling tummy. Shy away from sugary stuff like donuts or cinnamon buns. They provide instant energy but you “crash”; it cannot sustain you for hours. It would be better to have something with more protein, such as eggs or yogurt. Add fruit if you want. Do not forget some water to stay hydrated, but not too much as you will have to take the MCAT exam in the bathroom!