Career myth


Every career comes to a standstill times. No need to panic! It is only important that you deal confidently with the job crisis. This career is no longer what our parents imagined it to be. To 67 at the same place as working with 23 unimaginable today. Something always comes between them: the layoffs, the collapse of their own start-ups, the insufferable boss.

Is it possible to work without breaks to get through life? Absolutely not, says career consultant Uwe Schneider. There are few academics who do not receive the notice once in their life. Sounds terrible? Not necessarily. Because whether it is possible to use the break in the life course as a springboard to the career slump or is everyone in their own hands. Very important: Just do not fall in to justify itself. Interested not so much the new employer the details of the termination, but: What makes the current candidates, said Uwe Schneider. Who learns about during unemployment, a new software program or engages volunteers, shows initiative and motivation.

In the interview will not help Around this talk. Since the employer wants to know how you dealt with the crisis. That is a typical question: How can you have failed before, and what have you learned from it, says the Berlin psychologist and career coach Brigitte Scheidt. Who here clearly responds to allegations was made neither in nor excuses can even translate the penalty for the bonus. There are also recruiters who do not want straight careers, said Scheidt. The wish for more people who have already proven that they can cope with crises. Britta Domke


Top managers such as René Obermann punish Title obsession lies. The man at the helm of Deutsche Telekom has not yet doctorate diploma. He belongs to the illustrious group of college dropouts who get bored in the classroom. And take off in practice. Actually plans Obermann the classical way: After training as an industrial manager at BMW, he wrote in 1986 for an economics degree. But in the first semester does not consider him in the auditorium: He sells car phones and answering machines, founded the company ABC Telekom. Business is going well, Obermann drops out of university.

Today, no cock crows more then. The 44-year-old is the CEO of Deutsche Telekom and has shown that he possesses qualities which he needed for the rapid career with the giant pink. Obermann is by far not the only prominent German who has managed without a degree straight up. The list of successful college dropouts is long. Günther Jauch, Barbara Schöneberg, Heike Makatsch and Sönke Wortmann belong. Numerous top executives of large corporations do not have higher academic orders, but an indigenous cooperative education training. In the middle class, it shows a study of management consultants Kienbaum, only a fifth of the managers studied. Maker types as Obermann inspired not just in theory. But for practical use. Liane Borghardt